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History of Cobblers Hall

Last but not least is Cobblers Hall, a Mid-Georgian building which was used for a short period as a finishing school for grooming young gentlemen who were looking to the Army and Navy for a career. 
It has had numerous uses throughout its life and most recently it was the Post Office in Heath until its closure in the early 1960’s when it reverted back to being dwellings. Signs of its previous life are still evident with the familiar red post and telephone boxes situated outside which are still used on a daily basis.
Upon reaching the crossroad at the top of the hill in Heath you are then in front of the stone bus stop built by the residents to replace an old wooden one. 
Behind the bus stop lies the Blacksmiths House and to its left the Joiners Shop and old Smithy were historically the Blacksmith would have laboured prior to returning to his house next door.