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History of Heath Village

Heath lies to the South East of Wakefield in the parish of Warmfield and stands at its centre approximately 49 meters above sea level. It has a collection of approximately fifty houses ranging from simple cottages to stately homes dating back to sixteenth century .
The village has stood the test of time well with its occupants looking after the fabric of the village so that it can be enjoyed for future generations and visitors to enjoy its unspoilt charm.
The village is designated as a conservation area and holds a varied collection of houses some of which hold listed building status. It is situated within 131 acres of Common land and has numerous features which attract thousands of visitors each year, the main one being the unspoilt common which on a summer’s day attracts families to come and play with their children in a safe environment away from speeding traffic. 
It is the location for Heath Common Fair held each Easter, an annual Kite flying Fair also takes place, as it’s open spaces with no overhead power lines make it ideal for this activity.
The village and it’s surrounding area is an haven for wildlife and numerous walks start from the car park near to Common Top, with other walks passing through the village such as The Trans Pennine Trail.